Knee Replacement

You need Knee Replacement, you want it now and you want to know about the Best Knee Replacement Options!
We can do that!

So many knee replacement options need to be considered:
The Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure (minimally invasive knee replacementquadriceps sparing knee replacement) ,
The Best Knee Replacement Implant Options (gender specific knee replacement – rotating knee replacement) ,
The Knee Replacement Surgeon,
The Cost of Knee Replacement,
The Best Knee Replacement Hospital or Medical Facility,
and The Knee Replacement Recovery and Rehabilitation Process.

Here we will address all these issues so together we can make an informed decision that works for you!
Then, The Enade Team will provide a Five Star Knee Replacement Experience! 
Everything will be arranged, from Travel to our Orthopedics Only facility and a 5 star recovery hotel.
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Knee Replacement Implants

Corin has long established its credentials in providing unique world class knee solutions.Knee Replacement
Learning from the experience of over 40 years of total knee development, Unity Knee™ is the latest evolution in total knee arthroplasty – unifying key design technologies with advanced
knee kinematics, soft tissue preservation concepts and modern surgical principles.
Unity joins our portfolio alongside Uniglide™, one of the most comprehensive mobile and fixed bearing unicompartmental knee offerings, Rotaglide+™, the world’s first truly mobile knee system, and AMC II™ total knee platform.

Precision Knee Replacement Implementation

Addressing instability through instrumentation – Medial referencing rotational guide – Restoring MCL isometry through joint-line preservation – Stability throughout the complete range of motion.

Personalized Knee Replacement Alignment

Optimizing implant position for each and every patient – Ligament balancing in flexion and extension – ‘Anatomic’ alignment principles -Minimizing soft tissue releases in TKR

Proven Knee Replacement Design

Evolving the single radius to balance the knee – Single radius femoral design – Anatomic lateralized patella track – Difficult primary stem extension option

The Best Knee Replacement Surgeons

Dr. Stephan Tohtz is a specialist in modern hip replacement techniques and other corrective surgeries.
With over 20 years of surgical experience in trauma and orthopedic surgery he now holds the title of Chief Physician for Orthopedics and Trauma at HELIOS Hospital, Berlin.
His extensive experience with a full range of globally available hip replacement technologies makes him an excellent choice for your hip replacement surgery.

Why is the surgeon experience so important with Minimally invasive hip replacement techniques?

Minimally invasive surgery should be performed by a well-trained, highly experienced orthopedic surgeon.
Implant selection and placement is critical to long term success and this is a very specialized procedure.

The Best Knee Replacement Hospital

What about the facility?

While many hospitals will do a Hip Replacement Surgery the facility you choose is important.
Whenever you implant something into your body infection becomes a great concern.
One of the things we enjoy in Germany is a low overall rate of MRSA infection compared to much of the world.
In fact, Germany’s MRSA rate is about 2/5ths of the the US’s rate.
Then consider that we operate in a private, Orthopedic hospital.
This means no Emergency Room patients bringing in infections.
As a result, our MRSA rate in the hospital is essentially zero. Yes Zero!!

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